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Transit visa to Canada

This particular process or service is directed at individuals who wish to transit in Canada and/ or for those who wish to initiate an application for asylum in Canada and who at the same time, do not meet the financial requirements to enter the country with a tourist visa.

Those who plan to initiate an asylum application in Canada and at the same time have financial solvency such as a fixed income, either through a job, business or retirement and have savings in the bank, are suggested to apply for tourist visa and not the transit visa.

Applying for asylum at a Canadian airport with a transit visa is a tactic that should be considered only by those people who do not meet the requirements mentioned above relating to the tourist visa.

It should be noted that those who wish to apply for asylum arriving by land through the US border must apply for the American tourist visa.

Some advantages of the Transit Visa

One interesting aspect of this process is that the Canadian government does not charge anything to issue transit visas.

The other advantage is that the applicant will not have to book a plane ticket or accommodations since, there will be specific steps to follow in order to submit your application without having to show reservations.

Biometrics is free of charge

Even biometrics is totally free for those applying for a transit visa. That means you won't have to pay CAD 85 for each applicant to do the biometrics.

It will not be necessary to buy a round trip ticket

Generally, when the transit visa is approved, it is mandatory to acquire two flight segments; the first segment consists of the flight or flights from your country to Canada and the second segment consists of the flight route between Canada and the final destination.

The reason why it is required to reserve two flight segments is because, according to the policies of IATA (airline regulatory body), airport agents have the obligation to carefully verify all airline tickets from those passengers who plan to make transit stops around the world.

However, as part of the guidance that we will provide you, we will explain to you how you can travel to Canada with just a one-way ticket. By following our crucial tips, you will save a lot of money. If you need more information on the prices of a one-way ticket to Canada, please do a basic flight search online.

Honorary fees

Even though the government of Canada does not charge any fees to issue transit visas, we, as a consulting firm, have our own retaining fees. Our honorary fees are of $425 USD. Couples and families will only have to pay one time since our fees are not per person.

Our counseling service include

Our counseling service for this particular process includes complete guidance on submitting an application for a transit visa in a spotless manner and consists of:

-Advice on how to present the two flight segments without having to book any flight.

-Support in writing an itinerary letter.

-Filling up official immigration forms in a precise way.

-Guidance on how to travel to Canada with a one way ticket.

The application will be done online and it will not be necessary to go to any Canadian embassy or consulate.

Maximum transit 48 hours in Canada

The transit visa will allow you to transit at any airport in Canada for a period of up to 48 hours. During this period of time, you can wait for the arrival of your second flight to eventually travel to your final destination or you can initiate an asylum application at the airport or at an immigration office in the city where you will land. 

During those 48 hours, it it is usually possible to leave the airport. Being able to leave the airport means that an asylum application may be initiated at an immigration office located within the same Canadian city where the transit is taking place or within the same airport in the hypothetical case that the immigration officer does not give permission to leave the airport.

In our experience, leaving the airport is quite feasible but initiating a asylum claim within a Canadian airport is also very doable and there are no likelihoods of deportation, as long our crucial tips are carefully followed.

Our opinion in regards to applying for asylum in Canada with a transit visa

Unfortunately, it seems that all permanent residence programs to move to Canada are currently extremely saturated by the high demand of applicants that are looking to immigrate to Canada; mostly from emerging countries. In addition, the amount of new applications has been increasing in the past 5 years. Therefore, the option of applying for asylum in Canada with a transit visa is highly recommended and feasible, both in costs and in the speed of the process.

Likewise, if the candidate does not have verifiable income or savings in the bank, the options to immigrate to Canada decrease even more since most of existing permanent residence programs to immigrate to Canada require candidates to have a large sum of money in the bank.

It should be noted that as time, applying for asylum with a transit visa is quite unknown and the demand for transit visa is not that inundated. However, as time goes by, the demand will probably gradually increase; which would mean in the future, that the process to obtain a transit visa may become more rigorous and complicated.

Based on our experience, we suggest you consider this process before the Canadian government takes action and restricts asylum claim by means of a transit visa. Fortunately, this path is still unknown to the general public and we are still in time to take advantage what this process offers and remember that this process is not very arduous in terms of supporting documents that have to be submitted. You just need to have a valid passport and an attractive travel itinerary.

Additionally, remember that in this process, there is no need to cover neither administrative nor biometric fees, which makes it even more attractive and advantageous.

If you retain our services, we will obviously help you present an excellent travel itinerary without asking you to make any reservations. Your application for a transit visa will be submitted very completely to maximize the chances of approval. Our intention is not to pressure you in this endeavor but we consider this process to be a unique opportunity that must be taken into consideration.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Why is it better with you?

Although the transit application process seems to be extremely simple, it is actually somewhat complex, hence the importance of taking into account our counseling service in order to increase the chances that the application will be approved.

Not because you are only be transiting Canada does not mean that it is a simple process. If you retain our services, we guarantee that the process will be carried out properly, but we cannot guarantee that the application will be approved.

Is it true that if we have a transit visa, once I arrive in Canada, they will put me in a restricted area without having the possibility to initiate an asylum application?

It is indeed a fact that all Canadian airports have a restricted transit zone. However, if you retain our services and your transit visa is approved, we will inform you how you can move freely through the airport, without having to go to a restricted transit area.

If I initiate an asylum application with a transit visa, what guarantee do I have that they will not send me back to my country?

It is 100 percent guaranteed that they will not send you back to your country. The most important thing right now is to process the transit visa and once it is approved, we will explain what you must do when arriving in Canada, where to go at the airport and what to say to the immigration officer when reaching the passport control area within the airport.

If I have previously been denied a Canadian or US tourist visa, will that affect me when applying for a transit visa?

Please note that according to current Canadian immigration laws, prior rejections should not be, in any way, a reason to reject new applications, but do not forget that applications are not reviewed by a computerized system, but, by human beings, therefore, we cannot deny the fact that there could be immigration officials who may be influenced by previous refusals, when reviewing new applications.

That said, and answering the initial question, the answer is "YES", previous rejections may, in some way, play a minor role when reviewing new applications.

Is it true that if there is a small mistake in the visa formats, they can reject my application?

The answer is yes. On a regular basis, we have had people contacting us after being rejected because at the time of submitting their application, the forms were incorrectly filled out or the required supporting documents were incomplete. We always recommend all applicants to seek legal counseling before submitting an application for a tourist or transit visa to Canada.

I am a very suspicious person when it comes to services promoted online. How can we know if this service is real?

So far we have never received any complaints regarding the way we provide our services. We now live in a digital world and we must get accustomed to dealing with individuals and companies remotely.

If they reject my transit visa application, will you refund my money?

Unfortunately, the fees are not refundable. However, by retaining our services to apply for the transit visa, you can count on us that your application will be submitted correctly and that will increase your chances of approval. Likewise, we will make sure that your supporting documents and formats are in due order before the application be submitted.

What are requirements for the transit visa?

It is not necessary to have a job or savings in the bank to process the transit visa. The only requirement is to have a valid passport.

A flight reservation to transit in Canada is usually required but don't worry, if you retain our services, won't have to book any flights. 

We will explain to you in detail the dynamics regarding the flight segments and everything that the Canadian government requires from you so that your transit visa application can be made correctly and in a timely manner.

My partner and I are not married. Is that a problem for this process?

Couples do not have to marry to carry out any process related to visit, transit or immigration to Canada.

Are the fees for the tourist or transit visa included in your asylum services fees?

The fees for the tourist or transit visa service (425 USD) are not included in the fees for our asylum service. Each process has its own cost.

How long will they give me the transit visa?

The transit visa is valid for one year in which it will allow you to stay in Canada for no more than 48 hours so that you can take the second segment of your flight. Those who apply for asylum will logically omit this rule since they will have to remain in Canada to initiate their asylum claim within the country.

What are the forms of payment to cover the fee fee? 

The forms of payment are Paypal, debit or credit card or bank deposit. For more information on our payment methods, please let us know by email.

Will I have to pass an interview at the Canadian embassy?

The government of Canada does not require an interview for those applying for a transit visa.

I would like to submit my application for a transit visa online. Is that possible?

Yes of course, our services consist of submitting your application for a transit visa by online means only. We do not deal with physical paper applications.

In my country, there is no Canadian embassy. How will we do it then?

Although there may not be a Canadian embassy in your country, this does not mean that you will not be able to start the application process for a transit visa. You do not need to have an embassy of Canada in your country in order to apply for a transit visa.

I am not in my country right now. Can I apply for a transit visa from the country in which I am now?

Yes you can, as long as you are living legally in the country where you are.

How long does this process take?

This process takes no more than 60 days before an answer is being made by the Canadian authorities.

I have more questions. How can I contact you?

You can communicate with us by email at info@cicc-ccic.ca

I am very interested in this service. How can I start the process?

If you want to start the process for the transit visa, please send us an email to info@cicc-ccic.ca indicating that you want us to send you the signed contract for the transit visa service and we will gladly send it to you. Once you send us the signed contract back to us, we will send you the payment methods so that you can cover the honorary fees.