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General Information

Each year, the Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration Canada receives about 1 800 000 applications from people wishing to visit or make transit in Canada. From that number the government of Canada only emits about 575 000 tourist visas annually. At the Canadian Immigration Counseling Center, we can help you apply for a tourist visa to Canada.

The complexity of the proceeding is the main reason as to why the number of rejections is quite high. 

Our experience tells us that the difference between getting your visa or being rejected will depend on how the initial part of the proceeding has been done. 

Should you wish, the Canadian Immigration Counseling can help you submit your application for a tourist visa in order to maximize your chances to get approved: 

-Professional advice throughout the process. 

-Personalized service 

-Integration of on online visa application in a comprehensive and effective manner.

General Requirements 

-Have a valid travel document such as a passport. 

-Able to convince an immigration officer that, at the end of your visit, you will return your country of origin.


-Have enough money for your stay. (The amount of money you'll need may vary depending on how long you are going to stay, and if you're staying in a hotel or with friends or family). 

General Fees

The honorary fees are of USD $425.00*

*Single individuals as well as couples and families must pay the above mentioned fees only one time.

Tourist visa: Administrative fees:

The governmental fees for a tourist visa are of  USD$100.00 per person. In addition, each applicant must undergo the biometrics which has a fee of 85 USD per adult.

Please note that the transit visa is free of administrative fees.  Should you be interested in applying for a transit visa, please visit this link.

Any more questions?

Should you have any questions regarding this process please feel free to contact us at info@cicc-ccic.ca

Letter of Invitation for tourist visa

When applying for a tourist visa people some people include a Letter on Invitation in order to maximize the chances to be eligible.

This option is available to those who have friends or relatives living in Canada. Some applicants prefer not to include the invitation letter in their application even though they have friends and/or relatives in Canada.

The letter of invitation may help in some cases.  It may give a hand to those who have been rejected a tourist visa before and for those who do not have a stable income.

Please keep in mind that if you have a stable job and savings in the bank, the letter of invitation is not necessary at all.

References about us

Those who chose to retain our services in order to apply for a tourist visa will have all their guarantees through a legal agreement which shall be signed by both parties. The legal agreement will also contain a legal seal.

In addition, please note that both the Hispanic Center of Toronto as well as the Latino Club in Montreal have recommended our services on their webpages thanks to our clean record in respect of the provision of services in the area of immigration to Canada.

Where we are located

We can now be located on Google maps. Here is our exact location. 

120 eglinton street East, Toronto

Frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Is it true that if there is a small error in the visa formats, they can reject my application?

The answer is yes. Almost half of our clients are people who qualify for a visa but were rejected because when submitting their application for a visa, the forms were not filled out properly or the required supporting documents were incomplete.

I would like to visit Canada with my family and would like to hire your services for the tourist visa. What will be the total cost of your fees?

The fees will be only 425 USD for all of you since that amount is not per person.


If they reject me, do I get a refund?

Unfortunately, our fees are not refundable. However, if you retain our services, we can assure you that your application will be submitted 100% correctly.

This is a great advance since it considerably increases the likelihood that the resolution of the process will be successful.


What are the economic requirements for the tourist visa?

Basically you have to show that you have sources of income that come from your job, business or retirement. Likewise, you have to have savings in the bank.

The minimum amount that must be had is the equivalent of 1500 USD for single individuals and 2,500 USD for families. It is not necessary that the savings be in US dollars since the Canadian government recognizes the currency of your country.

What are the requirements for a transit visa?

The transit visa does not require the applicant to have a stable job nor saving in the bank.



What documents will they ask me to apply for a tourist visa?

Generally, they ask you to demonstrate, through your supporting documents, your identity, income and employment / business / retirement status.


How long will they give me the visa?

The tourist visa is usually multiple entries and has a maximum validity of 5 years. However, you will not be able to stay more than 6 months each time you enter the country to visit.


What are the payment methods to cover the fee?

The payment methods are Paypal, Moneygram, Western Union, bank deposit or credit card. Once you retain our services, we will provide you with additional information on this matter.

We will also explain where you will have to deposit the administrative fee from the government of Canada in order to submit your application.


Will I have to go through an interview at the Canadian embassy?

Yes and we will give you very crucial information and tips in order to increase your chances to become eligible.


I would like to submit my visa application online. Can it be done like this?

Yes of course the process can be presented in person or online. Do not worry, we will provide you with all the necessary information so that your application is submitted perfectly.


In my city, there is no Canadian embassy. How will we do it then?

Even though there might not be a Canadian embassy in your city, this does not mean that you will not be able to do the process. If you retain our services, we will do everything online.

I am not in my country. Can I apply for a visa from the country where I am now?

If you can, as long as you are living legally in the country where you are.