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Service #3
Permanent Residence via the Entry Express Program

Service description:

Express Entry is a new point based immigration selection program offering permanent residence to qualified skilled workers to Canada. 

During the initial part of the process, potential candidates will have to complete an online form in order to provide information about their skills such as work experience, language ability and academic background.  Each factor or skill will grant the applicant a certain amount of points.

For more information regarding the point system to immigrate to Canada under the Entry Express program please visit this page.


Minimum requirements:

- To have presented a general training IELTS exam.

- Towards the end of the process, single applicants must show they possesses at least 10 000 CAD in the bank while families must show that they process at least 14 000 CAD. 

-Have at least one year of experience in one of the areas mentioned in the following list.  When reviewing the list of occupations please verify the one digit code on the right of your screen. If the occupation is not of type 0, A or B, then you will have fewer chances to be selected in the process.

-It is not a requirement to be of a certain age but those who have more than 43 years old will not obtain any points for the age factor.

Note: Those who do not meet those two criteria are encouraged to consider our other service. 


Pool of candidates:

The profiles of candidates will be placed in a pool that can rank applicants under a Comprehensive Ranking System measuring their human capital contribution to Canada. Then, the government of Canada will choose the candidates of their choice in that pool of applicants to apply officially to immigrate to Canada by sending them a personal invitation.

Note: Entry into the Express Entry pool does not guarantee a candidate will be issued an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for permanent residence.  


Invitation to apply:

If someone is invited to apply, they will have 60 days to submit an online application for permanent residence. The ministry will review most applications for permanent residence through the Express Entry system in six months or less, after receiving the complete application with the supporting documentation required.

Candidates can stay in the pool for up to 12 months. If they do not get an Invitation to Apply for permanent residence within 12 months of submitting an Express Entry profile, they may resubmit a new profile.


Government Fees:

It is completely free of charge to register your profile in the pool of candidates.

One you have been invited to apply for a permanent visa by the ministry, each adult will have to pay 550 CAD and each dependent child must pay 150 CAD.

Once officially granted the permanent visa each adult must pay 490 CAD for the visa to be issued. Dependent children do not have to pay this fee.


The honorary fees for this service are of 1800.00 USD and may be paid in two installments.  The first installment of 600.00 USD must be paid at the beginning of the process.  The second installment will only have to be covered after obtaining the PRV. Finally, the last installment of 600.00 USD will only have to be covered once in Canada. 


What does it include?

-Legal guidance in all the process for a permanent visa from the beginning, which is when you open your personal account and enter your profile, until when you receive the official response from the government of Canada regarding your application for a permanent visa.

In addition, we will accompany the applicant(s) in the following errands once in Canada:


- Airport pick-up

- Search and find an apartment

- Providing a listing of employment agencies where it is possible to find general labor work which does not require to speak English

- Apply for monthly economic assistance (after 6 months of arriving)

- Enrolling adults at a free language school (if necessary)

- Enrolling children in school (if applicable).

Legal Agreement:

If after reviewing your profile we determine that you are a good candidate, we will then elaborate an agreement so that both sides are protected from any misunderstandings.  Should you need to have a look at our legal agreement before doing any further steps, please let us know.

People who obtain a PRV are entitled to the same benefits as native Canadians as mentioned below.

- Unlimited health care 3 months after entering the country.
- Free primary and secondary education for your children.
- Free language courses for adults.
- University education at a fairly low cost.
- Open work permit without restrictions.
- Can travel in and out of Canada without any problems.
- Licenses to open a business easily accessible.
- Canadian citizenship after 3 years.
- Monthly economic assistance for the unemployed.

Steps we will follow to apply for PRV via our services:

-We will verify that you have a suitable profile for the Entry Express program.

-Create an account in the website of the goverment of Canada.

-Entering your profile online.

- You will receive an invitation to apply formally.

-Initiation of an application for permanent residence.

-Initial letter of acceptance for the PRV.

-Pass a medical examination.

-Granting of the PRV

Please note that once the PRV is granted, applicants will have one year to enter their city of choice in Canada. 



Why is it better if we retain your services?

Most lawyers are highly bureaucratic, slow, always looking busy and especially afraid of giving advice that may cause them negative reprisals by their respective professional bar. In addition many of them do not return calls or emails. Lawyers are only useful when they have to go to an immigration hearing. 

Another very important point is the fee. No lawyer will do this kind of process for less than 3000.00 CAD and if the applicant is rejected they do not refund any fees.

This particular service is also very effective for establishing a business in Canada. Lawyers charge between 6,000 to 10,000 CAD for business category applications. This option that we are offering will allow you to save a lot of money and save unecesary appeals.

If I retain your services, I guess I will have to send you some documents to start the process right?

Not really. In the past, everything used be sent by postal service to the immigration office or to your lawyer or consultant. Nowadays, the government prefers the applicant to do everything online which means that if you retain our services you will not have to send us anything.  We will guide you virtually and it will be exactly the same as if we were beside you physically.


I would prefer to do it with a lawyer which usually charge around 4000 USD.  Can I do that?

Yes you can do that but please do not waste your money. Things have changed now.  Everything has to be done online now. Law firms charge a lot of money and it is completely untrue that the lawyer will do everything for you.  You will have to do most of the things online so we do not know how a lawyer can help you other than to provide with legal guidance but if that is the case, it should not be that costly.  We charge must less for the same type of legal guidance most law firms provide in the field of immigration.


Can I do it on my own without hiring anyone?

Not because everything is done online it means that the candidate can do it on its own.  It is strongly recommended that the applicant receive legal guidance in order for the process to go smoothly and effectively.  A single mistake in an online form can have your application rejected.

Our online guidance is very efficient. In addition, any communication that you will be receiving from the government or any form that will have to be filled out online or on paper, it will be carefully reviewed by one of us before doing any further step.

I am a sort of worried that all this is kind of unreal. What guarantees do I have if I retain you people for this service? 

Before starting any process, we will have to assess your profile to make sure that you are eligible. Once we have assessed you and everything is fine then we will elaborate a contract that will protect both parties of any misunderstanding. If there is something you would like to modify/add/remove from the contract you are more than welcome to let us know. We can also send you a sample copy of the contract at any time for your reference.


I am initially very interested but I have some questions.

Please fill out the following cuestionnaire so that we can evaluate your profile. We can also schedule a telephone session free of charge.

Assessment for single individuals
Assessment for couples and families