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Service #2
Permanent Residence via Quebec Nominee Program

Service description:

The Permanent Residence Service consists of applying for a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) also known as Skilled Worker Visa using the Quebec Nominee Program.  Those who hold a PRV are able to live permanently in Canada and work legally.  They can even establish a business.

This proceeding is available for single individuals, families, couples (married or common law), business people and entrepreneurs. Applicants do not have to speak French in order take part in this immigration proceeding.

The processing time for the issuance of the PRV using this particular method is of 18 months during which the applicant must remain in his own country. This process cannot be initiated from within Canada. People who obtain the PRV can settle in any city in Canada.

The normal way - Too many applicants:

Each year close to 700 000 people apply for a PRV. From that figure only between 200 000 to 240 000 Permanent Resident Visas are issued annually by the government of Canada which means that even if you qualify for the PRV it is not 100% guaranteed that you will obtain it. 

However, at the Canadian Immigration Counseling Center we have a way that could enable you to obtain a PRV and the most interesting part is that this particular method is totally legal.

This method consists of making an application for permanent residence at the Quebec's Provincial Nominee Program as the first step. Once the applicant is approved he/she will be granted a Certificat de Selection du Quebec (CSQ) from the provincial government of Quebec. We will then use that certificate to apply for the PRV. Using this method, the chances that the applicant becomes eligible are much more higher than if we go through the Skilled Worker program that we all know.

In less than two years after starting the process, the applicant will be receiving both a Certificat de Selection du Quebec (CSQ) and a permanent resident visa (PRV) for use in any city in Canada.

The province of Quebec does choose its immigrants:

Quebec is a French speaking province located near the province of Ontario. Due to the fact that Quebec is mainly french speaking, the government of Quebec has always wanted to select its own immigrants. That is why the government of Quebec has come up with the Quebec's Provincial Nominee Program.  In addition, some of the smaller towns of Quebec are in need of attracting immigrants due to labor shortages in some regions.

The province of Quebec even has an "embassy" known as a Delegation Generale de Quebec in many cities around the world such as Mexico City, Bogota, Casablanca, etc.

Once approved, the applicant will not have to go and relocate in one of those cities in Quebec. The applicant will be free to choose any city in Canada, from east to west.

How does Quebec selects its immigrants?

When the applicant seems to be eligible for an interview, an immigration officer from the Delegation Generale de Quebec will get in touch with the applicant in order to schedule an interview.

Part of this service includes providing extensive counseling to the applicant with the most common questions and answers that will be asked during the interview session.

During the interview there are chances that the immigration officer will ask one or two questions in French as it is very important for the immigration officer to select only candidates who speak some French or at least show some kind of interest in the French language.

In order to be successful for the interview, it is important that the main applicant or his/her spouse, but not both (in the case of couples) invest a few hours of their time to learn some words in French. Please do not panic. You will not have to speak French to be eligible.  You only need to learn some simple sentences in French. 

We will help you manage both immigration processes:

In this service we will help you manage both applications, the Quebec application and the Canada application so that the applicant will be able to obtain the CSQ and the PRV.  However, before initiating any process, we will make an assessment of your profile to determine if you are the right candidate to immigrate to Canada.

If you are a good candidate, we will then elaborate an agreement so that both sides are protected from any misunderstandings.

While we are talking about two processes we promise that we will not waste time. We will ensure that everything is in order in regards to the paperwork so that we do not encounter any delay and we will even include extra information in your application to increase your chances of being eligible.

In addition, we will accompany the applicant(s) in the following errands once in Canada:


- Airport pick-up

- Search and find an apartment

- Providing a listing of employment agencies where it is possible to find general labor work which does not require to speak English

- Apply for monthly economic assistance (after 6 months of arriving)

- Enrolling adults at a free language school (if necessary)

- Enrolling children in school (if applicable).

Financial Autonomy:

The applicant must have financial autonomy in order to be eligible for both the CSQ and PRV.

The minimum amount required to demonstrate financial autonomy is of only 1500 CAD per spouse and around 500 CAD for each dependent child. Single individuals must have a minimum of 3000 CAD.

People who obtain a CSQ and PRV are entitled to the same benefits as native Canadians as mentioned below.

- Unlimited health care 3 months after entering the country.
- Free primary and secondary education for your children.
- Free language courses for adults.
- University education at a fairly low cost.
- Open work permit without restrictions.
- Can travel in and out of Canada without any problems.
- Licenses to open a business easily accessible.
- Canadian citizenship after 3 years.
- Monthly economic assistance for the unemployed. 


The honorary fees for this service are of 1800.00 USD and may be paid in two installments.  The first installment of 600.00 USD must be paid at the beginning of the process.  The second installment will only have to be covered after obtaining the PRV. Finally, the last installment of 600.00 USD will only have to be covered once in Canada. 

Administrative Fees: 

All administrative fees for each of the two processes must be paid directly to the government of Quebec and Canada such as mentioned below.

Fees to cover to the General Delegation of Quebec to apply for CSQ:

Main Applicant:         757.00 CAD
Spouse or partner:    162.00 CAD
Each child in charge: 162.00 CAD

Fees to cover at the Embassy of Canada to begin the process of PRV:

Main  Applicant:        550.00 CAD
Spouse or partner:    550.00 CAD
Each child:                  150.00 CAD

Fees to be paid once approved

Once eligible for the PRV only each adult must pay the Landing Fee of 490.00 CAD.

In addition, the applicant must cover the medical examination fees of around 120 CAD per person.

Steps we will follow in order to apply for the CSQ and PRV:

1- Initiation of an application for permanent residence at the Delegation     Generale de Quebec.

2- Counseling on how you can be successful in your interview at the     General Delegation de Quebec.

3- Interview at the General Delegation of Quebec.

4- Granting of the CSQ.

5- Initiation of an application for permanent residence at the Canadian        Embassy.

6- Pass a medical examination

7- Granting of the PRV

Please note that once the PRV is granted, applicants will have one year to enter their city of choice in Canada.  



Why is it better if we retain your services?

Most lawyers are highly bureaucratic, slow, always looking busy and especially afraid of giving advice that may cause them negative reprisals by their respective professional bar. In addition many of them do not return calls or emails. Lawyers are only useful when they have to go to an immigration hearing. 

Another very important point is the fee. No lawyer will do this kind of process for less than 3000.00 CAD and if the applicant is rejected they do not refund any fees.

This particular service is also very effective for establishing a business in Canada. Lawyers charge between 6,000 to 10,000 CAD for business category applications. This option that we are offering will allow you to save a lot of money and save unecesary appeals.

If I retain your services, I guess I will have to send you some documents to start the process right?

Not really. In the past, everything used be sent by postal service to the immigration office or to your lawyer or consultant. Nowadays, the government prefers the applicant to do everything online which means that if you retain our services you will not have to send us anything.  We will guide you virtually and it will be exactly the same as if we were beside you physically.


I would prefer to do it with a lawyer which usually charge around 4000 USD.  Can I do that?

Yes you can do that but please do not waste your money. Things have changed now.  Everything has to be done online now. Law firms charge a lot of money and it is completely untrue that the lawyer will do everything for you.  You will have to do most of the things online so we do not know how a lawyer can help you other than to provide with legal guidance but if that is the case, it should not be that costly.  We charge must less for the same type of legal guidance most law firms provide in the field of immigration.


Can I do it on my own without hiring anyone?

Not because everything is done online it means that the candidate can do it on its own.  It is strongly recommended that the applicant receive legal guidance in order for the process to go smoothly and effectively.  A single mistake in an online form can have your application rejected.

Our online guidance is very efficient. In addition, any communication that you will be receiving from the government or any form that will have to be filled out online or on paper, it will be carefully reviewed by one of us before doing any further step.

What guarantees do I have if I retain you people for this service? 

Before starting any process, we will have to assess your profile to make sure that you are eligible. Once we have assessed you and everything is fine then we will elaborate a contract that will protect both parties of any misunderstanding. If there is something you would like to modify/add/remove from the contract you are more than welcome to let us know. We can also send you a sample copy of the contract at any time for your reference.

But how does that work? How come will I not have to move to Quebec?

The answer is simple. When it comes to immigration to Canada, many programs have flaws.  This particular program is one of them because even if Quebec says that you are eligible to live in Quebec you wil still have to get the permission from Canada by applying for the PRV. So if you are approved by Canada then legally you can also go to any city in Canada.

I am initially very interested but I have some questions.

Please fill out the following cuestionnaire so that we can evaluate your profile. We can also schedule a telephone session free of charge.