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Our services

Following are our 3 services available for those who want to immigrate to Canada permanently. Please note that we are a fully licensed immigration consulting firm formed by professionals in the filed of immigration law.  In addition, we are listed as a reputable consulting firm at the Hispanic Center of Toronto.

Service #1
Permanent Residence via an Asylum Application


Applying to immigrate to Canada through any of the provincial nominee programs or Express Entry is not as easy as one would expect. Unfortunately, there are so many candidates waiting for their turn that many applicants just ended up giving up.  Others have searched for other options, one of those options being the Asylum application.

Please note that at the Canadian Immigration Counseling Center, we can help you submit an application for asylum. This process requires extensive planning and knowledge, therefore, it is important to seek professional advice before initiating any proceeding in this matter.   

Applying for a permanent residence visa via an asylum application could be a very interesting option. However, before taking into consideration this particular option, please note that the applicant must first apply for a tourist visa to visit Canada. Once the applicant has been approved to visit Canada, he or she will then be able to initiate an asylum application. 

Asylum applications in Canada can also be initiated by those who hold a US tourist Visa, through the US/Canada border. If you are a holder of a US tourist visa and are interested in initiating a refugee claim in Canada, we will be more than glad to assist you.

Should you be interested in this service, we kindly ask you to first please fill out this questionnaire.

Service #2
Permanent Residence via Quebec Nominee Program

This Permanent Residence Service consists of applying for a Permanent Residence Visa (PRV) also known as Skilled Worker Visa using the Quebec Nominee Program.  Those who hold a PRV are able to live permanently in Canada and work legally.  They can even establish a business.

This proceeding is available for single individuals, families, couples (married or common law), business people and entrepreneurs. Applicants do not have to speak French in order take part in this immigration proceeding.

The processing time for the issuance of the PRV using this particular method is of 18 months during which the applicant must remain in his own country. This process cannot be initiated from within Canada. People who obtain the PRV can settle in any city in Canada.

Should you require any more infomation on this particular process, please feel free to visit the following page.

Service #3
Permanent Residence via the Entry Express Program

The Express Entry immigration program is a new point based immigration selection program offering permanent residence to qualified skilled workers to Canada. 

During the initial part of the process, potential candidates will have to complete an online form in order to provide information about their skills such as work experience, language ability and academic background.  Each factor or skill will grant the applicant a certain amount of points.

This particular program is not always considered as very attractive to the general public for the simple fact that the applicant must pass en English test called IELTS.  In addition, the applicant must have quite a bit of money in the bank.

For more information regarding the Entry Express program, please visit the following page.